Schools foundation announces grants

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, September 25, 2002

Teachers in Demopolis city schools are to receive a total of $63,374.48 in grants from the Demopolis City Schools Foundation.

The Foundation’s Board of Directors voted to award the grants at its September 10 meeting.

Forty-three teachers or groups of teachers turned in 69 applications requesting $123,709.53. Of those, 42 grants received full funding and 22 were awarded partial funding.

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Five were not funded.

U.S. Jones Elementary received the largest amount at $26,649.18, followed closely by Demopolis High School at $23,837.07. Westside Elementary teachers were awarded $12, 275.12, and Demopolis Middle School received $613.11.

The following are the awards by school:

Demopolis High School

* Sydney Chasteen and Amie Attaway, "Technology, Innovation and ARI Strategies," $1,040.66 fully funded, to enhance the foreign language curriculum.

* Cynthia Phillips, "Technology in the Science Classroom," $4,636.80 fully funded, for a multimedia projector, computer and cart.

* Cynthia Whitlock, "Taking the Initiative 2003," $1,200 fully funded, to increase the contemporary fiction inventory of the library.

* Donna Goodwin, "Basic Function Calculators," $1,222.98 fully funded, for calculators to practice for the Alabama High School Exit Exam.

* Gail Flowers, "Exit: Graduation Day," $970 partially funded, for a classroom set of "Passing the New Alabama High School Graduation Examination" books for the department and a school site license of the software.

* James Moody, "P.L.A.Y. (Physical Learning Affects YOU)," "$1,778.09 fully funded, for a variety of sports equipment.

* Jody White, "Technology and the Arts," $1,203.54 fully funded, for video technology to enhance speech and drama projects.

* Joseph Browder, "Geography 2003," $4,110, fully funded, for up-to-date maps for all geography and history classes.

* Joseph Browder, "Taking Journalism into the 21st Century," $2,000 partially funded, for computers, printers, software and photographic equipment.

* Leslie Gibbs, "In-depth Analysis of Literature, Part III, $2,500 partially funded, for hardbound novels and teacher materials for English classes.

* Tonya Thornton, "Scholastic Math," $300 partially funded, for a pilot project using Scholastic Math magazine.

* William Martin, "Mobile Teaching and Learning," $1,875 partially funded, for notebook computers to enhance Computer Science curriculum.

Demopolis Middle School

* Betty Russell, "Daily Geography," $149.70 fully funded, for world atlases.

* Betty Russell, "Social Studies Manipulatives are Fun," $463.41 fully funded, for social studies classroom tools.

U.S. Jones Elementary

* Amanda Miller, "Fabulous Find Books!" $213.64 fully funded, for 150 chapter books.

* Amanda Miller, Hands on Science for Kids," $1,660.02, partially funded, for science equipment kits.

* Amanda Miller, "Pollywog Learning Centers," $393.33 fully funded, for games to enhance learning in all subjects.

* Amelia Mackey, "Writing with AlphaSmart," $1,000 partially funded, for a pilot project using writing computers.

* Amelia Mackey, "Reaching Standards through Cooperative Learning," $524.30 fully funded, for teacher training materials, resources and manipulatives.

* Anita McKinstry, "My Favorite Authors’ Books," $440.91 fully funded, for 325 books.

* Anita McKinstry, "Frogs, Facts&Fun," $257.58 fully funded, for a pond kit for an outdoor classroom.Annette Gwin and Nicole Johnston, "Words, Words, and More Words!" $807.07 fully funded, for dictionaries.

* Annette Gwin, "Read, Set, Read!" $1,000 partially funded, for a classroom library.

* Burnquetta Johnson, "Teaching Reading to Exciting Youth," $1,400.19 fully funded, to start a classroom library.

* Beth Lindsay, "Science is for ME," $1,491.84 fully funded, for science kits.

* Beth Lindsay, "Rewarding Readers," $300 partially funded, for hard cover books.

* Carolyn Moore, "C.O.P.E. – Counselor Offers Pupils Excitement," $1,438.51 fully funded, for books in classroom guidance session.

* Dorothy Russell, "Spotlight on Comprehension," $345 fully funded for 144 books.

* Erma Banks, "Versatile Vera Tiles," $615.90 fully funded, to promote literacy and math accuracy

* Freddy Lawrence, "Shaping Up Our Future," $1,729.63 fully funded, for sports equipment.

* Johnnie Scott, "Read Reading II," $447.70 fully funded, for 56 read-along stories.

* Johnnie Scott, "Write On!" $76.95 fully funded, for a writing and creativity center CD-Rom.

* Nicole Johnston and Annette Gwin, "Integrating Technology across the Curriculum," $2,610.75 fully funded, for listening stations, books, science videos and software.

* Julie Harrison, "Bookville," $311.70 fully funded, for books.

* Julie Harrison, "Dazzling Dictionaries," $342.28 fully funded for dictionaries.

* Julie Harrison, "Rainbow Readers, $100 partially funded, for selected books.

* Julie Harrison, "Science Anytime," $458.85 fully funded, for science books.

* Mary Stuedeman, "Books on Wheels," $486.42 fully funded, for materials to store and listen to books on tape.

* Mary Stuedeman, "FUNdamental Bags," $1,154 partially funded, for literacy bags.

* Micki McAlpine, "Discovering with Dictionaries," $514 fully funded, for dictionaries.

* Micki McAlpine, "Read to Succeed," $815.15 fully funded, to enhance a classroom library.

* Micki McAlpine, "Mad About Math," $714.79 fully funded, for math manipulatives.

* Penny Stanford, "I’m Lost! Help Me Find My Way," $752 partially funded, for geography tools.

* Shelby Cox, "Wow! 2002 Newbery," $406.52 fully funded, for a classroom set of the 2002 Newbery medal winner.

* Shelby Cox, "Classroom Library," $442.18 fully funded, to enhance a classroom library.

* Shelby Cox, "GeoSafari Theater," $690 fully funded, to enhance social studies, science and math lessons.

* Tanya Patterson, "Word Seekers," $349.92 fully funded, for dictionaries.

* Tanya Patterson, "Books! Fabulous Books!" $250 partially funded, for books.

* Vicky Thorn and Jennifer Bedsole, "Serious Scientists," $1,500 partially funded, for a science kit.

* Vicky Thorn, "Reading to Learn," $300 partially funded, to enhance classroom library.

Westside Elementary School

* Anne Manning, "Everybody Reads!" $300 partially funded, to enhance a classroom library.

* Barbara Hill, "Let the Music and Sound Be Heard," $3,001.74 partially funded, for portable sound system for use in all schools.

* Lynn Brasfield and Andrea Dunn, "Launching Confident Readers," $750 partially funded, for chapter books.

* Dee Roark, "Come Read with Me!" $880 partially funded for books by award-winning authors.

* Dot Evans, "Books Build Early Readers," $1,341.85 fully funded, for classroom library.

* Elizabeth Renner, "Scholastic News," $832 partially funded, for a pilot program using Scholastic News magazine.

* Elizabeth Renner, "Teaching with Short Text," $486.62 partially funded, for magazines and teacher resources.

* Elizabeth Renner, "Let’s Find Out," $960 partially funded, for hands-on science activities.

* Elizabeth Renner, "Shared Reading," $250 partially funded, for classroom big books.

* Jan Brooker, "Early Reading Fun," $687.70 fully funded, for classroom library.

* Martha McKnight, "Computer Assists for Teachers," $1,890.52 fully funded, for the school psychometrist and special education teachers to score student achievement.

* Nanette Dollar, "Building Postive Readers," $212.95 fully funded, to enhance a listening center.

* Nanette Dollar, "Reading Centers Galore," $286.62 fully funded, to develop a classroom library.

* Nanette Dollar, "Polaroid Plus," $120.12, fully funded, for Polaroid film to build student self-image and self-esteem.