Davis, Shelby split over President’s agenda

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, January 29, 2003

Only a few days have passed since the Demopolis 167th Engineer Co. departed for what could become a war in Iraq. That made President George W. Bush’s delivery of the State of the Union all the more important on Tuesday evening.

Bush did not declare war, but he did continue to offer a stern warning about Saddam Hussein and his noncompliance with United Nations’ requirements.

Members of the Alabama Congressional delegation representing Demopolis agree that Hussein is walking on a shallow layer of sand.

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U.S. Rep. Artur Davis, who was in Demopolis on Friday to help send our troops away, also agrees that Hussein is opening himself to an attack.

Some critics have said that a Presidential explanation of why the United States should go to war would serve as a prompt for Iraq, eliminating the surprise element of any attack.

At that time, the United States had obtained pictures of Soviet weapons and Kennedy had to decide whether to tell the United States and release the secret across the globe.

Shelby, who has been one of the most vocal members on the Senate Intelligence Committee, is convinced.

Along with overriding attention to military by the United States, Davis said he couldn’t line up with Bush on his plan for the economy.

Davis disagrees with Bush’s plan to end taxation on corporate dividends.

While Davis admits that neither Republicans nor Democrats have done a good job creating a stimulus, the freshman Democratic Congressman wants more to be done for the businesses in his district.

Shelby took the opposite argument.