Linden school funding could be reduced

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, January 29, 2003

Dr. Walter Davis, superintendent of Linden City Schools, told the Linden Board of Education Monday that the system will likely face a five percent cut in state funding for fiscal year 2004.

He had attended a recent meeting of state superintendents, and there will be another meeting on February 10.

In other action from Monday’s meeting, temporary repair of the south wall at Linden High School has been completed.

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Exterior doors on all school buildings have been replaced, Davis said.

A bid for roof work at Linden High School and Austin Junior High School will be let this week.

The distance learning labs are in place at Linden High School and the Marengo County Technology Center. The lab is housed in the basement of the high school which involved repairing a water leak there.

Fiber optic connections will be set up for the labs in the next few weeks.

Applications for a computer system technician will be posted soon, Davis said. The technician will be shared by Linden schools and the Marengo County school system. There are approximately 350 computers in the Linden school system.

The board approved the "Parents’ Right To Know" and "Bad Check Collection" policies.

The following teachers were approved by the board: Mrs. Brandi Owens as a mathematics teacher and Mrs. Canary Howard as a mathematics and science teacher.