New plans taking shape for Demopolis

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, February 26, 2003

Three years ago, the Demopolis City Council gave Kathy Leverett a new responsibility. First, they asked the Chamber of Commerce executive director to organize the drafting of a three-year strategic plan for the city. Second, they asked her to watch over that list and make sure some of the projects that would make Demopolis better actually got done.

Those three years are up now, and the accomplishments from the first strategic plan are astonishing.

In fact, the list of tasks completed in the past three years is almost incredible:

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Professional seminars are now held when needed.

The Chambers "12 at 12" program allows industries to give feedback about the city.

A red carpet tour for state economic leaders was held last year.

A business survey has been completed.

The historical society is in the process of becoming a certified local government.

A coalition of downtown businesses has been established.

Appeasing trash cans have been placed downtown.

West Alabama Transportation now offers service in the city.

Those items are but a handful of the accomplishments listed – and accomplished – in the three year strategic plan.

Last week, Leverett appeared before the City Council to remind local officials that it’s time to craft a new plan with new goals.

If the second three-year plan comes close to having the success of the first one, citizens in Demopolis can expect an enormous change for the good by the year 2005.

No civic leader in Demopolis can talk about the city’s future without also mentioning an amphitheater.

As evidenced by the success of the first three-year plan, putting ideas on paper has proven to help see projects through in Demopolis.

In order to create the next three-year plan, Leverett and members of the city council will meet on Tuesday, March 4, from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. on the second floor of the Demopolis. And this year, Leverett said she wants more than government types to write the plan.