City to let bids for street repairs

Published 12:00 am Monday, April 21, 2003

Public officials in Demopolis appear ready to fix one of the worst problems confronting this city.

Potholes and pavement cuts can be found on nearly every street in town, and at Thursday’s Demopolis City Council meeting, council members and Mayor Austin Caldwell gave the go-ahead to get bids for fixing at least 12 of the bumpiest streets in the city.

Bob Evans, who works with Almon&Associates in Tuscaloosa, prepared a list of streets that need immediate attention in Demopolis. On that list, Evans broke the wide-ranging project into five classes, with Class 5 needing the most immediate attention.

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The streets that will get first attention are Black’s Drive (from Pettus to Jackson); South Walnut (from Highway 80 to Windsor); Front Street (from Highway 80 to Jackson); the junction of Al’s Lane and Forest Brook; Ashwood (from Maria to Elmwood); Maple Leaf (from Ashwood to Greenwood Circle); and Greenwood Circle (from Maple Leaf to Woodland Court).

Evans estimated the cost of fixing those hot spots will near the $300,000 mark, but that didn’t stop council members and Caldwell from jumping on board.

According to Evans, the Class 5 streets selected have nothing to do with "aesthetics."

On top of getting bids for the streets selected for Class 5, council members also gave the OK to get bids from streets Evans placed in the Class 4 category.

Those streets include: 2nd Avenue (from Pettus to Jackson); Pettus Street (from Commissioner to Walnut); Pettus Street (from Walnut to Cedar); Spencer Street (from Dow to the end); Colony Circle (from Marengo to Olive); and Lyon Street (from Cedar to Walnut).