Juvenile returns to wreck scene, ends up in prison

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, May 7, 2003

It could have been so much worse when a group of teenagers rounded a curve on Washington Street and flipped a Jeep Cherokee into a ditch near downtown.

For three young men, they walked away with cuts and scratches, but no life-threatening injuries. On the other hand, two of the young men were booked on charges of driving under the influence and contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

One juvenile, whose name cannot be released, was charged with DUI, while John Simeon Hill, 21, of Linden, was charged with contributing to a minor, according to the Demopolis Police Department.

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Shortly after 2 p.m. on Friday, Jeremy Peppenhorst heard the sound of metal screaming near his house.

At one point, Peppenhorst thought the driver of the car had pulled the emergency brake because of the loud noise, but when Peppenhorst walked to the end of his driveway, he saw three young men flipped over in a Jeep.

One of the victims had "a big gash above his eye" and cuts all over his arms, Peppenhorst said. "There was blood all over him."

Instead of driving to the hospital to treat mild injuries, though, Peppenhorst said the car turned left and headed toward Tuscaloosa.

When Demopolis Police arrived on the scene, they spotted the "getaway" car and followed the one person who had driven back by the scene.

Apparently, the Friday afternoon driving escapade wasn’t limited to Washington Street. One employee at Mason&Gardner saw the same car jump a curve and drive through the median on Main Street.

According to police reports, the driver of the Jeep said he wasn’t breaking the speed limit, though a witness said the car was traveling close to 100 mph.