Don’t ruin holiday for the rest of us

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, May 28, 2003

Sometimes, it seems redundant to even offer such advice. However, during holiday times, we feel it’s appropriate that people in Demopolis and Marengo County observe the obvious.

Memorial Day weekend, which holds special significance for us this year with the military actions of the past four months, is also a time when citizens across this area relax and share with friend. We also know that people use the holiday as a time to sip on adult beverages, ride on a boat or take a ride to a friend’s house.

Though it should go without saying, there are too many times when people take for granted the real dangers associated with celebration and car rides.

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Sure, we understand that some will have a few drinks, hop behind the wheel of a car, and never think a thing of it. And most likely, every person that gets behind the wheel after a few drinks will make it to his destination.

But there will be one &045;&045; maybe more than one &045;&045; who makes one bad turn or changes the radio station one too many times and ends up on the side of the road. And there will be one who swerves into the middle of traffic and takes another life with him.

We don’t use this as a space to criticize those who wish to enjoy the holiday this weekend and tomorrow. Rather, we use this space to plea with those who will drink and drive. Even if you don’t care about your own life, we ask you to consider the lives of so many other people who will travel the streets of our community. We ask that you consider the family members who will struggle when you are put in jail. We ask you to consider the people around you before you consider yourself.

Memorial Day and other holidays like it are meant to be enjoyed. For those who plan to drink and drive, please don’t change that for the rest of us.