Sweet Water class celebrates 50th reunion; school gym gets needed AC

Published 12:00 am Thursday, June 12, 2003

The Sweet Water High School Classes of 1952-54 and other alumni visited the school Sunday for a reunion. The Class of 1953 had helped raise funds for a new school sign.

Pat Dixon, organizer of the event, said the class had asked school administrators what they needed. The administration offered a list of needed improvements, she said, and the class picked the sign as a project.

Out of Sunday’s reunion event, school administrators hope an alumni association will be formed. The school collected names and addresses at the reunion for a proposed organization. Stokeley wants to have better communication with alumni and encourage their continued support of the school

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The principal is also proud of a new $17,000 air conditioning system, which was recently installed in the school gym. "We don’t have an auditorium so we use the gym like an auditorium," Stokeley said. "In the fall and the spring it is so hot in there, awards day and graduation, it is almost miserable."

The Parents-Teachers organization helped raised the funds for the project in three months, he said, through Coca-Cola sales. Donations also added to the total.

Sweet Water provides the school good community support, the principal said. "It’s good kids and good parents. This kind of thing gives me a lot of confidence."