Davis supports Riley’s tax plan

Published 12:00 am Monday, July 7, 2003

Every time U.S. Rep. Artur Davis visits Demopolis, he can’t help but wonder why the rest of Alabama’s Black Belt can’t follow in this city’s footsteps. During his visit here for Freedom on the River, Davis kept plugging at that message.

Over the holiday weekend, Davis took time to marshal the annual Freedom on the River parade and speak briefly to a small group of people assembled to hear the congressman’s take on the events happening in the United States. He also visited this city nearly one year after defeating long-time incumbent Earl Hilliard in the 2002 Democratic primary.

In his first year since defeating Hilliard, Davis has become outspoken on a number of issues facing the United States, including the war against Iraq. While the congressman has pledged full support to the troops serving in the Middle East, he said America must also defend her own people.

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Before the holiday weekend began, the federal government announced unemployment figures had jumped to their highest levels in nine years.

And just last week, President Bush announced that troops may be sent into Liberia.

While Davis doesn’t believe the United States is in danger of losing its label as a super power, he does believe people all across Alabama and in Marengo County want political leaders to show more courage and find more solutions.

For his part, Davis believes his role in Washington is to "benefit the community that elects me."

And Davis isn’t immune to political issues that don’t reach the federal level. Last week, U.S. Sens. Richard Shelby and Jeff Sessions, along with the majority of Alabama’s congressional delegation were interviewed about Gov. Bob Riley’s tax plan.

Most federal politicians representing Alabama have said they don’t plan to campaign actively for or against Riley’s tax plan. Davis also said he doesn’t know the role he’ll play in promoting Riley’s plan.

Whether or not Riley’s plan passes, Davis said Alabama can’t stop thinking progressively.