No word on where Mr. Gs will rebuild

Published 12:00 am Monday, July 21, 2003

When 167 bolts of lightning strike within one-tenth of a mile from a building, it’s a good bet one of those bolts will cause some damage.

That’s what happened more than a week ago when one of Demopolis’ most popular restaurants went up in flames in the midnight hours. According to Demopolis Fire Chief George Davenport, 167 bolts of lightning were detected by a GPS system on Friday, July 11, and a lightning strike did cause the fire at Mr. G’s.

Earlier reports suggesting the fire was caused by an accident in the kitchen were inaccurate.

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Ever since the fire destroyed the inside of Mr. G’s, Gerald Gilbert has worked at the Highway 43 restaurant that has been part of his life for nearly 30 years.

The only question now is where Gilbert actually will place the new restaurant. While Mr. G’s has had enormous success on Highway 43 next to police headquarters, Gilbert also owns a plot of land on U.S. Highway 80 West.

What will have the most influence on Gilbert’s decision is the report from workers who will begin inspecting the building next week.

At the same time, Gilbert seems to have an affinity for the Highway 43 location.

Whether or not the restaurant moves to U.S. 80 or stays on Highway 43, Gilbert has every confidence that people will come back to the same good food they’ve missed for more than a week now.

The popularity of Mr. G’s and the possibility of putting a new restaurant on U.S. 80 forced another question of Gilbert: Would he consider building two restaurants?

As for now, Gilbert hopes his restaurant can be open again by November &045;&045; wherever it’s built.