Police officer arrested for theft

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, September 3, 2003

A rookie Demopolis police officer has been arrested and booked in the Marengo County Detention for stealing from the city.

Officer Tracy Desmond, 29, was charged with theft of property second-degree after Police Chief Charles Avery and Det. Sgt. Tim Soronen conducted an internal investigation into stolen items from a police car.

After the investigation, police found that Desmond had stolen, and then sold, a mounted camera from his police cruiser.

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When the inventory process led to Desmond’s car, Avery found that a mounted camera worth $600 was missing from the car.

An investigation led to the questioning of Desmond, who admitted to stealing the mounted camera from the car.

Soronen &045;&045; in the investigation &045;&045; also discovered that Desmond had sold the camera.

Obviously, Desmond has been fired from the Demopolis Police Department.

Avery also indicated that the mounted camera has been recouped and that police did not have to pay to get the camera back.

Though there are instances where a person could be arrested for receiving stolen property, Avery said no other arrests were made in the investigation.

Desmond had not been with the Demopolis police force for a year when he was arrested for the theft of the city property.