Rogers shares worldwide experience

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, October 8, 2003

Rogers is a Wall Street financier/investor who retired at age 38 after making a fortune. He spoke to just under 100 people Sunday at the Demopolis Public Library. He called himself "the first person from Demopolis who went around the world twice."

He spoke about his three-year trip around the world (1999-2001) with his wife Paige Parker and also addressed questions about the world economy in a talk that lasted an hour-and-45 minutes.

He talked about the "five-star" and the "five-roach" hotels the couple stayed in on their trip. Rogers said he never got sick on the trip, but his wife got sick three times and only at five-star restaurants.

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They stayed away from drinking water in many places of the world, but beer was always available and was always safe, he said.

Credit cards could be used in many countries, and cash advances are available. It was amazing how much the world had changed since his last world trip in 1990 with the technological advances in money exchange, he said. However, one had to be careful.

To make sure he was safe on the trip, Rogers said he purchased a potion from a witch in Bolivia. He decided to get the $25 top-of-the line potion instead of the usual $5 potion.

Rogers was a judge in the Miss Christmas on the River Pageant Saturday, and his infant daughter was christened Sunday at the historic St. Andrews Episcopal Church in Prairieville.

Rogers also signed copies of his recent book, "Adventure Capitalist," for those assembled at the library.