Stray animals pester residents

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, October 8, 2003

They roam the streets at night, and even during the day.

They hide out in the darkest corners of Demopolis, scrounging for food, looking for scraps.

They are cats, and according to Demopolis Animal Shelter Director Lucille Carpenter they need a home.

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Carpenter said that the Demopolis Animal Shelter is hoping to build a shelter for cats near the animal shelter office.

Carpenter said that there is a large stray cat population in the city, and that there are many cats, who need to find a place "that they can call home."

Carpenter said that many people have complained about cats near and around houses as well as in other areas of Demopolis.

She said she wanted the shelter to be a place where cats could be looked after properly, and where people could come and adopt the cats.

Carpenter said that she is looking for a group of people to volunteer with the shelter to help out with caring for the animals.

Carpenter said that animal control is very important for the city of the Demopolis, and that people need to take animal control seriously.

Carpenter said that to adopt an animal one just needs to come down to the shelter, look at the animal, pay a small fee, and then the animal receives a rabies shot, and then one can adopt it.