After scare, ACA runs away from Sweet Water

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, October 22, 2003

It was a game that brought back memories of the power backfields of the Auburn Tigers of the mid 1980s.

Bo Jackson and Brent Fullwood, running backs who just seemed to steal the show every night, with Jackson flying down the field play after play after play, and Fullwood dodging, weaving and bobbing tackles, both running backs dazzling crowds game after game.

It was, at least for Auburn fans, a duo made in heaven.

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The same thing could be said about American Christian Academy Friday night.

It was a lesson on the art of the running game, as the two running backs from American Christian Academy put on a show in front of the Sweetwater crowd, defeating Sweetwater 55-28.

Jason Watts and Jesse Ochiocki dazzled and amazed the crowd with hard nosed, quick and accurate running, covering all the angles, not missing a single beat, as they bobbed, weaved and dodged tackles all night long.

Watt’s quick running style, and Ochiocki’s hard nosed, hard hitting in your face style made it a disappointing night for Sweetwater fans, who saw their team fall in the face of American Christian Academy glory.

Hooks said the key to their success was simply a lot of hard work in the weight room.

Watts, who had 13 carries, ran for 140 yards, scoring four touchdowns, with a 1 yard dash into the end zone, a 42 yard sprint down the field, a 10 yard score, and a 70 yard punt return into the end zone.

Ochiocki, who had 23 carries, rushed for 125 yards, with a 30 yard touchdown run, and then a 75 yard touchdown run, as he flew and scampered by Sweetwater defenders. Ochiocki also scored on a 40 yard touchdown run, as well scoring with a three yard dash into the end zone.

American Christian Academy had 70 yards passing for the night, with quarterback Chris Smelley not throwing any interceptions.

Sweetwater racked up 220 yards rushing for the night, with 13 first downs.

Despite the loss, Sweet Water still has a firm hold on a playoff spot and will host John Essex next weekend.