Computer system helps E-911

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, October 29, 2003

Who knew three little letters, C.A.D., could mean so much for Demopolis and the other cities of Marengo County. C.A.D., which stands for computer aided dispatch, will be a leap into the computer age for the E-911 service here in Marengo county, said E-911 director Floyd Wilson.

Once in place, the system will assist the E-911 operators in fast responses and better tracking of the types of calls they receive.

The first part of the C.A.D. system should be in place by the first week of November, he said. This first part consists of mostly the hardware for the system.

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When someone calls, this will allow the operators to have access to all of the background history, types of calls and other records right at their fingertips. The operators will have to handkey all of the E-911’s record logs into the system, but once that is done, this system will shorten the amount of paperwork by about 80 to 90 percent, Wilson said.

The second part of the C.A.D. system will allow for faster and more acurate mapping of Marengo county and cell phone calls. This faster mapping which shows where the calls are coming from can make all the difference in the response times for emergency units, he said.

Once the second part is up and running the county could add the hardware to help the police in tracking cars and other uses.

In all, the C.A.D. system should take three to six months to be completely installed and be fully fuctional. The cost for this system should be around $50,000, Wilson said. The operators, which work in shifts of two at all times, will have to take three to five days worth of additional training on this system.

Wilson is very excited about the system’s arrival to Marengo county. He used it before in Dothan, and said he loves it.