Flood of rumors darkens plans for riverwalk project

Published 12:00 am Thursday, November 13, 2003

Demopolis City Clerk Vickie Taylor and Mark Pettus, director of city Parks and Recreation, have revised an earlier plan for an Arch Street walk, adopted by the city council in 1976.

But somehow, the project has taken on a life all its own.

Many residents have already started rumors about what the proposed walk is and what it will do to their property, though some Arch Street residents declined to comment for this article.

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Each year, there are TE grants that the city can apply for. In 2003, Demopolis received money to renovate the old firehouse building downtown. This year Demopolis has applied for the same grant, which would install a scenic walkway along the river.

The total cost of this project would be $504,047, with the city of Demopolis picking up $100,809.40 of that total cost.

This project is part of the City of Demopolis’ three-year Strategic Plan.

In applying for the grant, the proposal states that the project will help Demopolis’ ability to promote tourism and a retiree community, thus helping to create an environment that pursues and encourages the economic growth of Demopolis.

This riverfront development project focuses on floating docks for the many boaters, and a bike and pedestrian path from the existing marina to areas of the downtown community &045; drawing tourist to Demopolis.

There will be a new 4,875-foot by 10-foot reinforced concrete bike and pedestrian path for the public to use. Secondly, there will be a four-foot high safety fence that will run the entire length and will be constructed of decorative iron.

There will also be lighting every 200 feet along with concrete benches every 400 feet. The entire walk will be landscaped with shrubbery and annuals.

Two floating docks will be installed for everyday and casual boaters to use.

Pettus also said he’d help ease some of the concerns.