Test ride turns into free ride

Published 12:00 am Thursday, November 13, 2003

A "Good Samaritan" act by a Demopolis man quickly turned into a police investigation and subsequent arrest.

Daryl Stephen King, of Hale County, came to Demopolis last week and noticed a Chevrolet C1500 truck for sale in front of a local business. King inquired about the truck and was even granted a test drive.

When King finished his test drive, he went inside a local business and called for a ride back home.

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When he couldn’t find anyone to pick him up, King was offered a ride back to Greensboro from the same person who wanted to sell the truck.

According to Det. Sgt. Tim Soronen of the Demopolis Police Department, King couldn’t keep his hands to himself during that ride back to Greensboro.

The next night, King came back to Demopolis with the spare set of keys and paid absolutely nothing down for his new truck.

The victim notified Soronen the next morning when the truck was stolen, and it took Demopolis police just a matter of minutes to solve the case.

First, police tracked the phone number used by King when he called for a ride back to Greensboro.

The lady asked if Soronen was referring to the man who had just "bought" a new truck. Soronen went along with the story and confirmed it was the same person.

Demopolis police notified the Hale County Sheriff’s Department, which then took over the search for King.

Later that same day, police received a complaint about a man who fit King’s description and was driving the same type of truck.

The Hale County Sheriff’s Department quickly found King, who admitted to stealing the truck.