DHS uses Opp quote as motivation in come-from-behind 17-10 win

Published 12:00 am Sunday, November 16, 2003

The Demopolis High Tigers football team fought a determined Opp High Bobcats team Friday night and held on to win their 12th straight game of the season 17-10.

Before the game, DHS coaches and players pointed to a quote released by Opp head coach Jeff Rhodes as a tool to get excited for the contest.

The comment didn’t sit well with DHS, but the Tigers didn’t exactly start Friday’s game with the intesity head coach Doug Goodwin expected. In fact, DHS waited until midway through the final quarter before sending Opp back with no one else’s house to domintae.

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At the beginning of the game on the first play, the Tigers fumbled but recovered the ball.

After DHS couldn’t move the ball, Opp began a drive on their 20-yard line. Hard running brought the Bobcats to midfield, but they failed on a fourth down-and-three with 5:41 left in the first and turned the ball over on downs.

Demopolis began their drive on their 45-yard line. A Devin Goodwin pass to Chad Schroeder got the ball to the 34-yard line. Two penalties pushed the Tigers back, but Opp got flagged for roughing the passer.

DHS reached the five-yard line with a pass to Bart Pettus.

Gracie would score two plays later with a five-yard TD run. Seth Basinger’s extra point was good, and with 2:48 left in the first, Demopolis was up by 7.

The two teams traded punts as the game moved into the second quarter.

Demopolis had a serious miscue at 7:39 left in the second when Schroeder fumbled a punt return. Opp had the ball on the DHS 35-yard line.

The Bobcats moved right down the field, and Daniel Coleman scored on a 12-yard run with 4:40 left in the first half. The extra point by Brock Kelley was also good. The game was tied 7-7.

On the next DHS drive a pass was tipped and intercepted by Jason Stanley. Opp had the ball on the Demopolis 44-yard line. The Bobcats moved down the field with great running by Jamocolis Stallworth and Coleman. Kelley reached the nine-yard line. The Bobcat threat was ended as a pass in the end zone was intercepted by Schroeder with 31.1 seconds left in the half.

DHS ran out the clock and the first half.

Opp had the ball as the third quarter began. A fumble, which Opp recovered, stopped their drive. DHS got the ball back but fumbled on the first play with 9:25 left in third.

Opp was in business again at the Demopolis 19-yard line. The DHS defense stiffened, and the Bobcats had to settle for a 28-yard field goal from Kelley. The score was Opp 10-DHS 7 with 7:14 left in the third quarter.

Demopolis turned the ball over again on the next drive as Goodwin was intercepted by Michael Hattaway with 6:50 left in the third. Opp had the ball on their 48-yard line, but the Tiger defense halted their drive.

Demopolis began on their own 17-yard line. A penalty put the Tigers back five more yards, but a pass to Schroeder got the ball to the Opp 46-yard line. A pass to Pettus set the ball up at the Bobcat 20-yard line.

Two runs by Dustin Gracie brought the ball to the eight-yard line. DHS had to settle for a 26-yard field goal by Basinger. With 1:04 left in the third, the score was tied DHS 10-Opp 10.

The Bobcats could not move on the next drive, and Schroeder ran the punt to his 45-yard line. A pass to Gracie got the ball to the Opp 31-yard line. Gracie would not be denied as he scored on a 20-yard TD run with 6:27 left in the fourth quarter. The extra point was good, and DHS led 17-10.

After the kickoff, Opp began a long drive on the 33-yard line. The Bobcats mixed the running up with Stallworth, Jaquez Henderson and Coleman. Opp would complete a fourth down pass to Kelley, and they were on the DHS 36-yard line.

Opp completed another fourth down pass to Hattaway on the 22-yard line with 2:05 left in the game.

Another pass to Hattaway got the ball to the eight-yard line. However, the Bobcats could not convert on fourth down and eight with 23.3 seconds left. The final score was Demopolis 17-Opp 10.

DHS remains undefeated 12-0. They will host UMS-Wright in the third round playoff game Friday in Memorial Stadium.