Police offer suggestions for preventing robberies

Published 12:00 am Sunday, November 16, 2003

A string of armed robberies has caused business owners and residents to take a little more caution during the evening hours. At the same time, Demopolis Police have recognized a need to better education the public on ways to prevent robberies and crimes.

In the span of two months, Mr. Roy’s, McDonalds, Dollar General and Athlete’s Foot have all been victims of armed robberies.

Public Safety Director and acting Police Chief Jeff Manuel listed a number of ways to prevent crimes. They are published below in an effort to help Demopolis citizens do a better job of stopping a crime before it happens:

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* Lock unused doors.

* Avoid working alone. If you must, turn on a hidden radio or TV so robbers will think there’s someone with you.

* Vary the schedule and route for your bank deposits so a robber never knows when or where to expect you.

* Make several deposits each day, and keep only necessary cash in the cash drawer. Then, if you are robbed, you’ll cut your losses.

* Make sure your cash register is clearly visible to passerby.

* Arrange the counter so that customer-or robber- is visible from the street.

* Avoid placing signs or displays near windows, which block visibility from the street.

* Avoid placing signs or displays near window, which block visibility from the street.

* Record the serial number of the bottom bill in each bin of the cash drawer, and instruct employees not to use these bills in making change.

* Keep "bait" money in a spare compartment of cash registers. The bait packet should be separated by face value as other bills. Keep a list of the serial and series year numbers to give to law enforcement officials if you’re robbed.

* Display signs at entrances and exits indicating that safes require secondary keys not in the possession of employees.

* Advertise your security alarm system with signs in visible locations.

* Place colored tape markers at exits at heights of 5-feet-6 and 6 feet. Then, if you are robbed, you can get an accurate estimate of the suspect’s height as he leaves.