Despite budget shortfalls, renovations continue

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, November 19, 2003

Despite state education funding that is questioned every day, the Demopolis Board of Education office is getting a quarter of a million dollar facelift.

While grappling might be heard under the breath of a number of citizens who can’t understand why construction can occur when there is no funding for such basics as textbooks and toilet paper, the city school systemhad no choice but to use the money for renovation purposes.

The school system decided it would be best to put the money to use in a valuable way, as opposed to losing it.

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Though the superintendent’s office on Cedar Avenue has garned the most attention, the person who watches over U.S. Jones said his school has benefitted from the project.

Speegle said the work has helped his school accomplish some of its long-range plans.

And while Speegle said he appreciates the work, there are others on his campus who recognize the improvements being made &045; especially at such a tough time in the education profession.

Along with U.S. Jones, the board of education improvements have been long-needed.

If the weather allows, Hill said the new section of the office will be ready to move into.

And even that’s not all that has been completed.