Man shoots, kills his uncle

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, November 19, 2003

A Boligee teenager shot his uncle dead Sunday after the man threatened him and the boy’s mother.

Willie Tyrone Webster, 37, was killed Sunday after a domestic confrontation at the home of his mother, sister and nephew, said Greene County Sheriff Johnny L. Isaac.

Michelanglo Atkins, 19, fired the shot to Webster’s chest area after Webster apparently threatened to kill Atkins and his mother, Grace Lavender.

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The incident began earlier that morning when Webster came to the house at 2:30 a.m. and was allowed by his invalid mother, Ann Webster, to sleep there. He had been in an automobile accident the nigh before, according to Isaac.

Reports indicate Webster argued with his relatives upon awakening at midday. After law enforcement officials were called, Webster was removed from the house by authorities, Isaac said. At that time Webster was holding his head as if in pain from an injury in the automobile accident. Deputies convinced him to go to the hospital.

For a third time in the same 24-hour period, Webster again returned to the home, and this time, he wouldn’t leave alive.

Upon returning around 5:30 p.m., Webster first went to the power source of the home and turned the power off. He then threatened occupants by telling them he was going to burn the house down, according to Isaac.

Then the threats turned into action. According to testimony taken by the sheriff, Webstger first charged his sister. Then he charged his nephew, Atkins.

The sister tried to stop the struggle,

and stepped in the way of Webster and Atkins.

When the sister tried to stop the assault, Webster apparently attacked the sister. Atkins fled from the struggle, went inside the house and brought back a pistol.

According to Isaace, Atkins came back outside and shot his uncle. Webster ran into the house after sustaining the gunshot, where he "collapsed on the floor," Isaac said.

Webster was recently released from prison after serving part of a 15-year sentence on burglary and assault charges.

He had been known to have a problem with seizures, Isaac said, and took a lot of medication, which may have been complicated by alcohol and illegal drug use.

After the shooting, Isaac said Webster’s nephew — who fired the fatal shot — was "very remorseful."

As of press time, Atkins has not been charged with a crime.

An autopsy has been ordered by law enforcement authorities, but as of now, Isaac said he considers the incident a case of self defense.