School employee terminated for drugs

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, November 19, 2003

The Demopolis City Board of Education approved a motion to terminate an unnamed employee of U.S. Jones for an alleged drug violation on Monday night.

School officials could not elaborate on the termination because the decision had not been discussed with the employee. Officials also would not go into specifics about the termination.

As described by the board, the firing of the employee was a result of the substance abuse policy in the school system.

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There were other topics discussed during the meeting like the up and coming December special events and wishing the Demopolis High Tigers luck on Friday versus the UMS-Wright Bulldogs.

Mike Randell, chairman of the Board called the meeting to order and then the board approved the agenda for the meeting.

Dr. Wesley Hill, superintendent of Demopolis City Schools, made the announcement that U.S. Jones had been awarded a $375,000 grant to cover three years of after school and summer school programs. Barbara Hill prepared the grant application proposal.

The Board then discussed the field trips and building uses that were seeking approval. First, McGraw-Hill Book Company wanted to rent the Demopolis High School Auditorium in January. Secondly, The Birmingham Children’s Theatre is coming to Westside Elementary on the 21st of November. Finally, U.S. Jones is having the Birmingham Musical Safari come in January and the 3rd grade is planning a trip to the Birmingham Zoo in April.