Some unaware of weather threat

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, November 19, 2003

While Tuscaloosa and Mississippi reported a number of damages caused by the violent storms pushing through the state, Demopolis simply endured another day of rain and bad weather and impending floods yesterday.

A tornado warning was issued throughout the State; Demopolis remained on alert until around 1:16 p.m. Schools, libraries and banks remained open throughout the day. People were prepared for anything. City Clerk Vickie Taylor said Demopolis does a good job preparing for bad weather.

According to Taylor, The Emergency Management Agency addressed each county department early that morning.

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Surprisingly enough, others were not aware of the existence of impairing weather.

Police departments and fire stations were prepared for anything. "We will rely on the 911 call center for calls… people off duty will be notified to be on alert and to listen to their radios, in case we need them," said Assistant Chief Joey Morgan. The police department follows a similar standard.

Although, there were no cancellations and closures, the public safety authorities and community leaders prepared themselves for the worst.

But yesterday, Demopolis was indeed prepared.