After a week of preparation, Tigers ready for Trinity

Published 12:00 am Friday, November 28, 2003

The DHS Tigers are only 48 minutes away from Birmingham but in order to get there the Tigers must push their way over the 13-0 Trinity Wildcats tonight. While both of these teams come into this semi-final match-up without a loss this season, one is destined to receive their first tonight.

Demopolis head coach Doug Goodwin has been preaching all weak to his Tigers that in order to win this week they must give the same effort they did last week against the UMS-Wright Bulldogs. "If we play like we are capable of, like we did last week, then we shouldn’t have any problems," Goodwin said.

We have all heard about the Trinity defensive front and what they are capable of but what really matters tonight is what the Tigers will do to prevent the Wildcats from winning the battle in the trenches. "Our blocking will be a key factor. We will have to keep our blocks low and drive them off the line. It will be another great test for us," Tigers offensive line coach Todd Cassity said.

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And on the defensive side of the ball it will be in the secondary where the Tigers will be tested quickly. But Tigers secondary coach Tony Pittman has his boys cocked and loaded for fire. "We need to work on breaking on the football more this week and being more aggressive. I felt we didn’t do enough of that this week and we need to do a better job against Trinity," Pittman said.

The Tigers were able to eliminate the Wildcats last season 19-9 in the third round of the playoffs and advanced to meet the UMS-Wright Bulldogs. And now the Wildcats have a chance to do as the Tigers did last week and knock off the team that knocked them off last year.

And if the Tigers can’t stop them, then according to coach Goodwin, nothing has much changed since last year. "We were at this point last year but the only difference between this year and last year is that we knocked out team that put us out last year and now we have to turn right around and keep the team that we put out last year from doing the same to us," Goodwin said.

Last week was great but this week should be better, especially if the Tigers can get a win tonight and move on to new and undiscovered territories in Birmingham.