Restaurant almost ready to open

Published 12:00 am Friday, November 28, 2003

Early next year, Demopolis residents will be able to get a taste of an Old Italian classic and a new Smoking Barbeque restaurant.

Randi Avery and the rest of Demopolis’ residents can’t wait till the new and improved Mr. G’s restaurant opens. "I use to eat there all the time and I can’t wait till the new store opens. It looks really nice from the highway," Avery said.

The timeline for the restaurant to serve its first order of Fettuccine Alfredo is somewhere around the middle of January.

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Mr. G’s has been a Demopolis landmark for 30 years now. "There are so many memories at the old building, that it will take some time for Demopolis to get use to a new Mr. G’s," said Gerald Gilbert, Mr. G’s owner.

The new restaurant will be 5,700 square feet, a little smaller than the old store, but is able to seat 180 people comfortably, which is more seating than the old store. "I have lived in four different states and countless cities and Demopolis is by far the best city I’ve ever lived in. I enjoy living here, and I plan on being buried out on 43 one day," Gilbert said.

There will be countless improvements that the new store will have compared to the old store, but one for sure will be the new drive through window. "We will have to see how the public reacts to it. I don’t want the customers inside to have to wait while we tend to the ones outside," Gilbert said.

It has taken longer than Gilbert thought for the building to be completed due to weather issues and delays in the completion of the architecture plans. "Eaves Construction is doing a fine job with the building so far. I hope we can get finished without any more delays. Everything else is ordered and ready to be installed in the new building," Gilbert said.

There will be a few new items on the menu, but all of the old favorites will be there also. So, only a few more months, and Miss Avery and the rest of Demopolis will be able to enjoy the home style Italian cooking that is Mr. G’s.

Think about it Demopolis, the smell of pork barbeque ribs and chickens cooking on an open grill and smothered in a rich tasting hickory barbeque sauce. A plate of mouth watering Hot Wings with a bowl of Ranch dressing.

All of these meals, plus much, much more can be had at Jacky Poole’s new restaurant called Smokin’ Jack’s Barbeque. They should also be open somewhere around the beginning of January.