Teams’ season stats, margin of victory, mirror each other

Published 12:00 am Friday, November 28, 2003

Everyone around Alabama has been saying that the Demopolis Tigers haven’t played anyone this year. Well, looking at the stats for both teams, it looks like the Trinity Wildcats haven’t either.

But tonight the truth will be known and we will all find out how these two evenly matched teams will fare against one another as they head-to-head in a fourth round semi-finals playoff.

The DHS Tigers, who presently sit at 13-0, have played seven home games this season and six away games.

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This season the Tigers have scored 184 offensive points (26.3) ppg while allowing 35 defensive points (5) ppg. While very impressive at home, the Tigers have been even better on the road scoring 292 offensive points (48.6) ppg while allowing only 41 defensive points (6.8) ppg.

The Wildcats are also currently (13-0) and have played eight home games this season and five away games. This season the Wildcats have scored 272 offensive points (34) ppg while allowing 104 defensive points (13) ppg. Just like DHS, the Wildcats are also better on the road, scoring 149 offensive points (29.8) ppg while allowing 43 defensive points (8.6) ppg.

The Tigers have played six teams this season with winning records that included Greene County (6-5), Greensboro (6-5), Fayette County (6-4), Dallas County (7-4), Opp (9-3) and UMS-Wright (11-1). And against these teams the Tigers have scored 176-offensive points (29.3) ppg while allowing a total of 43-defensive points (7.2) ppg.

The Wildcats have also done considerably well against the six teams they have faced this season with winning records, which included Montgomery Academy (8-4), Beauregard (7-4), Southside-Selma (9-3), St. James (9-3) and Thomasville (10-2).

The Wildcats have scored 189 offensive points (31.5) ppg while only allowing a total of 81 defensive points (13.5) ppg against these teams.

And both teams have been able to have their way with teams they have faced with losing records this season. The Tigers faced a total of seven teams this season that had losing records, which included Sumter County (1-8), Bibb County (1-9), Choctaw County (5-6), Holt (2-8), Livingston (2-8) and Jackson (1-9). The Tigers have scored 300-offensive points (42.9) ppg while allowing a total of 33-defensive points (4.7) ppg.

And for the Wildcats it was much of the same as they also faced seven teams with losing records, which included Coosa-Central (1-9), Dale County (2-8), Elmore County (3-7), Handley (3-7), Tallassee (1-9), Jemison (5-6) and Daleville (5-6). The Wildcats scored 232-offensive points (33.1) ppg while allowing a total of 66-defensive points (9.4) ppg against these teams.

But when we look at the big picture we can see a difference between these two undefeated teams.

The Tigers, in their 13 games this season, have buzz-sawed their opponents, scoring 476 total points (36.6) ppg. But defensively the Tigers have consistently shut down scoring options for all opponents and have allowed a total of 76 points (5.8) ppg this season.

As for the Wildcats, it has been a different story. Offensively in their 13 games this season, the Wildcats have scored 421 points (32.4) ppg while their defense has allowed 147 points (11.3) ppg.

The stats tell the story, but come tonight, none of this will matter and the only stat that anyone will care about will be the one on the scoreboard when the buzzer sounds.