Marriage will be biggest challenge for Tiger Woods

Published 12:00 am Thursday, December 4, 2003

Though we are coming into the late hours of the football season and there are still plenty of questions to be answered, I must take this opportunity to talk about another sport that is taking on some changes.

He has been the dominant face in sports since his arrival onto the PGA tour in 1996. His 52 tournament wins, three Masters, two U. S. Open Championships and one British Open Championship, have helped to make this young man one of the most famous in the world. With his dynamic power shots and poetic short game, he has changed the look, style and attitude of the only four-letter word that is also a sport.

This week we found out that Tiger Woods has finally decided to get hitched as he reportedly asked his two-year Swedish girlfriend, Elin Nordegren. I have always thought that for Tiger to ever become as great as Nicklaus or Palmer he would need to remain single for as long as he could.

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With the engagement there are bound to be problems for Tiger, on and off the greens. In fact, the problems have already started for the 27-year-old as he became enraged over how things were handled with the media’s coverage of his engagement.

But the one thing that really concerns me on this matter is the fact that his caddie, Steve Williams, was also engaged just days before. What is going on here? Does this sound familiar? Well if you have ever watched the T.V. comedy hit show, Seinfeld, it should.

I wonder if they decided to make a pact on the matter and decided that if one did it then the other had to as well.

After all, if one were married and other still single it could throw everything off on the course. But then again, being married will do that as well, as both will have to learn how to balance their time between golf and family, just like so many others on tour.

Until now that has been one of Tigers biggest advantages over others on tour. While married players have had to spend their off time taking trips to Disney Land and what not, Tiger was able to just keep hitting the range and using his time to improve.

We are all familiar with his great accomplishments in 2000 when he held all four major championships at one time. His numbers throughout the years have been unprecedented but are they enough to be regarded as the best ever?

I seriously doubt that Tiger will have another year like he did in 2000 and now with a new bride; we can expect to see golf take a back seat for Tiger. But don’t go thinking it will all happen overnight.

But if Tiger could manage marriage, a family and still be able to continue winning tournaments, then he should be regarded as the best of the best.