Goodwins struggle to watch finals

Published 12:00 am Friday, December 5, 2003

While he was hoping that his seat at this year’s Super-Six in Birmingham would be on the playing field, DHS head football coach Doug Goodwin would have to settle for a higher view, away from all the noise and cold weather.

Like he has done every year since becoming a head football coach, Goodwin along with his son and DHS quarterback, Devin Goodwin took the two-hour trip northeast to Birmingham to see who would claim the title state champions.

With his father watching high above in the coach’s box, DHS quarterback Devin Goodwin took a seat in Legion Field to watch his first high school football game all season. Being a coach’s son, Devin has been around football his entire life and going to a Super-Six game with his father has become somewhat of a tradition over the years.

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"I’ve always enjoyed coming to Legion Field with my dad to watch the Super-Six. I have just always enjoyed seeing the best teams in the state go at it. Every game is a good one," Goodwin said.

While his first game was a treat to watch as the 3A Pike County Bulldogs defeated the 3A Oneonta Redskins 30-7. Watching Pike County quarterback Chris Nickson fly across the field for four touchdowns sure caught this young quarterback’s eye. "Nickson is an athlete, he can fly. From what I saw it looked like Pike County just had too much speed," Devin Goodwin said

But Devin knew that the next game on the schedule for the night might be a bit difficult for him to watch.

"Now more than ever, last week’s game against Trinity replays in my mind. I can see every mistake and every opportunity. I was in this position the year before when we lost to UMS-Wright, but then I felt that we got beat by a better team. This year it’s a totally different story for me. We lost to a team that we thought we were better than, we really beat ourselves," Goodwin said.

And as for coach Goodwin, being at the Super-Six this year was also difficult.

"I’ve heard nothing but positive words from other coaches here at the Super-Six. Many of the coaches congratulated us on a great season and for getting as far as we did. And many said that they were pulling for us to go all the way," Goodwin said.

But Goodwin knows that there is nothing anyone can say to rid the bitter taste of last week’s loss and there is nothing more to do now than watch and learn.

"I enjoy coming to see the best teams in every region play, but I am very interested in seeing the 4A game. I’ve never seen Deshler play. It’s always an learning experience, but the outcome of that game will not effect me at all, except to say if Trinity wins then we lost to the state champions two years in a row," Goodwin said.