Sumter to get bridges repaired

Published 12:00 am Monday, December 15, 2003

LIVINGSTON &045; The Sumter County Commission approved a resolution Monday for bridge repair projects on Leitch Road, Nate Jones Road, J.T. Watts Road, Rogers Ward Road and Bunkum Road.

The county is in the third year of the five-year $200 million "Amendment One"/GARVEE bond issue project for improving bridges in the state, said county engineer Anthony Crear. Sumter County’s share of the Garvee funding is $3.25 million. "If you don’t spend it within five years, it’s history," he said. The county does not have to contribute any money toward the GARVEE projects.

In addition, the county receives a yearly allotment of $500,000 for repair of bridges and specific county roads. The county must contribute a 10 percent match on projects using the annual federal funds.

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Other major projects planned by the Sumter County Road Department include a $900,000 repair of three bridges on County Road 24 and a $1 million repair of four bridges, one on County Road 83 and three on County Road 4.

Typically bridge projects could take a year-and-a half to complete, Crear said.

In other action from Monday’s meeting, the commission approved a resolution to be sent to the U.S. Justice Department changing some of the county’s voting places.

The commission has voted in their Sept. 22 meeting for the following changes in polling places:

The voting place at the National Guard Armory in Livingston will be moved to the civic center;

Move the York voting place from the high school to the Hightower Building;

Move the Coatopa site to the Coatopa Volunteer Fire Department;

And upgrade the polling places at Epes and Boyd.