Old wiring blamed; no one injured in blaze

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, December 17, 2003

Old wiring was the main cause for a blaze that consumed about six rooms and severely damaged the roof of the Windwood Inn on Monday. The Demopolis Fire Department responded very quickly and was able to limit the blaze to just one building.

The call came into the emergency 911 dispatch at 2:50 and the DFD was on the seen in about two minutes. There were about 10-12 firemen and three captains and the chief on the scene, as well as three fire engines including the ladder truck.

The building is about 15-20 years old and had old wiring to begin with.

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The DFD was able to control the fire thanks to the Ladder fire truck.

Chief Davenport said, "It helped to be able to get to the fire from the bottom. The ladder truck helped in controlling the fire."

Davenport was also glad that it was daylight and not nighttime and crowded.

Davenport also said, I’m glad it was during the day because if it would have been at night. It would have been crowed and with all those cars and people, it would have been a rescue operation first.