A-Rod trapped under money pit in Texas

Published 12:00 am Monday, December 29, 2003

I don’t know what’s worse, being considered one of the greatest players in professional baseball while being on one of the worst teams in professional baseball. Or, giving up any chance to ever know what winning feels like for $252 million and being so rich and talented that you can’t even buy your way out of the hell you created for yourself.

But it doesn’t matter which is worse to Texas Rangers superstar Alex Rodriguez, because both situations are the same for him. This is the life he has chosen or maybe it’s the life that has chosen him.

It was suppose to be the biggest trade in MLB history, but when the month long negotiations fell apart this week, the big trade turned into the big disaster for A-Rod.

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Before the 2001 season, A-Rod signed a record-breaking $252 million deal with the Texas Rangers for 10 years. And with this week’s possible trade agreements coming to a end with the Boston Red Socks it looks that the chances of A-rod finding a way out from under his large pile of money in Texas are about as slim as New Orleans Saints kicker John Carney receiving a nice Christmas card from Saints fans this year.

Rodriguez is one of the richest major league Players ever but is that what people will remember him for? Money isn’t everything and after his 10-year prison sentence with the Rangers is finally up and his career is almost done, A-Rod may finally realize that.

But I guess when A-Rod signed his contract in 2001 he never thought that by the time it would end he would be 36-years old. And while he may be $252 million richer by then, he definitely will not still be considered on of the best players in the major leagues. Not to mention that he still won’t have a ring.

Rodriguez is a seven-time All-Star and two-time Gold Glove winner but has never been on a winning team. And believe it or not that is exactly the kind of thing the Hall of Fame will have to take under consideration when evaluating his career.

Rodriguez was reported to have said that he wanted to be with a winner and that the trade was his idea. And a good idea it was, but the numbers just didn’t add up. So it looks that if A-Rod really wants a chance to be with a winner, he will need to re-think just how much money means to him.

If he stays in Texas there is a good chance that A-rod will never know what it feels like to play a game in the post season. The Rangers have finished dead last in the American League West for the last four straight seasons.

But considering that he was willing to give up $28 million to make the deal happen, it looks like money really isn’t everything in baseball. But even that wasn’t enough to free A-Rod from the $252 million contract.

So come this spring things will go on as they always have. The best player in baseball will continue to play for the worst team in baseball and the "Curse of the Bambino," will continue to haunt the Red Sox.