Talks stall on plan to renovate courthouse

Published 12:00 am Friday, January 2, 2004

The county courthouse in Linden is in dire need of repair and it seems as if everyone knows how bad it is.

Only problem is, nothing is getting done. Since a fire in the courthouse back in May that was caused due to an overheated socket, the Marengo County Commissioner has taken the steps to discuss renovating the building. But, in the past seven months not a single hammer or nail has been touched by a construction worker.

Commissioner Ken Tucker knows that the county courthouse is in desperate need of repair not only for the citizens of Marengo County, but also for the employees there. The safety issue for Tucker is the major thing that needs to be addressed by the commission.

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Tucker also talked about the process of making the recommendations for the work to be done on the courthouse and the annex building is a slow one. The Marengo County Commissioners asked Goodwin, Mills, and Cawood to come in and make a list of all things that needed to be fixed in the building dealing with the Mechanical Plumbing, Electrical, and the roofs of both buildings.

The commissioners then asked for a breakdown of the recommendations to bring the building back up to standards. The commissioners wanted to make sure that Goodwin, Mills, and Cawood understood that they wanted the best systems installed in the building, but for the cheapest prices.

Tucker also commented on the fact that once a plan is in place for the courthouse that he wants the bidding to be opened to all local businesses as long as they are qualified to do the work.

Tucker talked about when the county commissioners meet again in January that the courthouse should be one of the topics discussed at the meeting.

Tucker also talked about once the renovations are completed that the county would be looking at a bill of about a couple of million dollars. He knows that the county will have to take out issues in order to pay for these additions.