Shepard sentenced to 10 years

Published 12:00 am Thursday, January 8, 2004

Jeffrey Shepard, 18 was sentenced yesterday in the Marengo County Courthouse by Judge Eddie Hardaway Jr. to serve 10 years in the Marengo County Correctional Faculty for the crime of first degree robbery of Elk Food Mart and be placed in the substance abuse program.

When facing the judge, Shepard stated that he was on drugs during the robbery and didn’t have any control over his actions. He also asked the courts to show him mercy for his crimes.

This isn’t the end of troubles facing Shepard. He also has to face charges for the robbery of Athlete’s Foot back in November.

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Shepard was arrested earlier this year for the armed robbery of Elk Food Mart and was out on a $25,000 bond awaiting a January sentencing when police believe he committed the robbery at Athlete’s Foot.

During the investigation of the latest robbery in Demopolis, police took information from witnesses at the store who said the robbers were wearing ski masks and carrying a small caliber handgun. Apparently, one suspect came in the store and demanded money from the cash register while another suspect stood outside the store and waited.

Shortly after the robbery, police received a tip from a local citizen who found the ski masks and handgun. That evidence led police to Shepard and the juvenile suspect.

Both suspects have been processed at the Marengo County Detention Facility, and this time, Shepard’s bond is much higher.

According to Det. Sgt. Tim Soronen, Shepard now must post a $100,000 bond &045;&045; or come up with $10,000 cash &045;&045; in order to be released from prison. The juvenile is being held under $25,000 bond.

In other words, the juvenile suspect has been booked under a bond that ranks near the top of the suggested scale. As for Shepard, Soronen and Griggers asked Judge Wade Drinkard that bond is set higher this time, and Drinkard approved.

Griggers, who serves a chief prosecutor for this area, accepted a guilty plea from Shepard after the Elk’s robbery. However, Griggers said keeping Shepard detained until sentencing is important to this area.