Keep putting up with complaints

Published 12:00 am Thursday, January 15, 2004

It’s hard for me to understand exactly one has to do sometimes to please the people in Demopolis. It seems that no matter what you do, someone will ultimately despise you for it. I am expressing my opinion about the recent complaints against the Times for going to a five day a week paper vs. a two. I think this has been a great change for the paper, even though it seems a few do not. The main argument I seem to always hear is that the Demopolis Times doesn’t need to put news in the paper that doesn’t happen in Demopolis. I think this is nonsense. It is more important to me to know of a drug raid or murder investigation in Livingston, than what kind of cookies Martha made for the Demopolis’ PTA meeting. My point is simply that sometimes people need to learn to embrace change, rather than fighting it every step of the way. If something is a little different tomorrow than it is today, you can put money on it that there will be someone to complain about it. These people eventually have got to realize that without change there will be no progression. If we don’t have progression, well, the Times might as well still be delivering on horseback. I commend the Times on committing to be a better paper, and for putting up with a few complaints to continue to please the rest.

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