Blood supply nears dangerous levels

Published 12:00 am Monday, January 19, 2004

There is a continued critical shortage of blood in this region and throughout the nation. At noon today, United Blood Services in Meridian, which serves Marengo, Greene, Hale, Clarke, Tuscaloosa, Fayette, Sumter and Pickens counties in West Alabama, along with other facilities in East Mississippi, had no units of O+ or O- blood available. Of all hospital patients who will need blood, 50% will use type O. They are also critically low in type B blood.

While the blood bank at Bryan Whitfield Memorial Hospital is currently stocked, it could be wiped out in a matter of minutes if there was a major accident with patients requiring several units of blood each. Because we want to help assure that there is enough blood for our patients and others throughout the area, we will be sponsoring an emergency blood drive on Monday, January 19 in the classroom of the BWWMH Outpatient Service Center from noon until 6 p.m. We encourage all who are eligible to donate on that date, especially those who have type O and type B blood.

Every three seconds, someone needs to receive blood. They may be accident victims, surgery patients, or patients receiving treatment for leukemia, cancer and other diseases. Donating blood is the easiest way to help provide a sufficient blood supply to care for your neighbors, friends and families in times of emergency. Your help in encouraging your readers to give the gift of life this Monday will be greatly appreciated.

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Mike Marshall


Bryan W. Whitfield Memorial Hospital