Citizen will protest tax by spending elsewhere

Published 12:00 am Monday, January 19, 2004

Freddie Armstead and the Marengo County commissioners may think themselves very cunning, circumventing the public’s opposition to increased county taxes.

However, they forget that the good people of Marengo county do have a vote.

The color of each “vote” is green and can be cast at any retail store.

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Freddie and his colleagues have just motivated me to vote outside the borders of his county whenever possible.

We already pay a premium to shop locally and this is simply more incentive to buy in Tuscaloosa, Meridian, Selma, or Thomasville.

Although Freddie appears to believe I have no say in this matter, I’ll cast my vote against his tax elsewhere.

Earl Snider

Demopolis, AL

Earl Snider

1502 Chappy Circle

Demopolis, AL


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