Demopolis is biggest city I know

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, January 20, 2004


I have always loved big cities.

In a big city it always seems like something is going on.

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One of my favorite cities is Demopolis.

It’s a big city in its own way.

Though I could probably throw a football from one side of the city to another, I still sometimes find myself amazed by the size of Demopolis.

A lot of times the size of a city’s heart compensates for the size of its buildings, and where heart is concerned Demopolis has plenty to spare.

I can walk down the street and see nothing but smiling faces.

Sometimes while there, I get the sense of people hoping for the opportunity to help me out.

Aside from the people, the sheer beauty of Demopolis is breathtaking.

Roads meandering past vast open fields and children playing in an abandoned barn.

Wildlife flocks to Demopolis as if God has whispered to them, telling them of this great haven.

My grandparents live in Demopolis, and have a house on the river.

Many times have I canoed on this river, in hopes of discovering all of Demopolis’ secrets.

While on the river you can take a deep breath and almost sense the magic wafting through the air.

Demopolis has the ability to bring the imagination to life.

If I have a little time, I can step into the woods next to my grandparents’ garden and go on an African safari.

I have killed many trolls in their backyard.

Though I am now 18, and don’t indulge in pretending as much as I have in the past, I still feel as though I drop a couple of years in age while I am there.

I love Demopolis and always have.

To me it is the biggest city I know.