Commission could make property taxes more fair

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Dear Editor: Like many others in Demopolis, I am very unhappy that our County Commissioners (except Ken Tucker) have decided to take the easy way out by passing an additional sales tax instead of focusing on a longer term solution.

I resent the fact that the Alabama Legislature will put their stamp of approval on it and not the citizens of Marengo County.

The people lost control when the Legislature drew up the 1901 constitution with their main intention to prevent blacks, women and poor whites from having a say in their government. This is why the power is in Montgomery. We need to create a real democracy by bringing back the rights of the people through home rule.

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If the County Commissioners want to really do something for their county and state, they should write a resolution to equalize property taxes so that everyone pays their fair share. If the people of this county want to make a difference in their state and county, they will vote “yes” for such a measure.

Sales tax puts too much of a burden on low income people who are trying to feed their children.