Video game crime spree over in Linden

Published 12:00 am Thursday, January 29, 2004

LINDEN-Linden’s crime spree is officially over today with the arrest of six juveniles. The Linden Police Department arrested six individuals involved in the October 6, 2003 and the January 7, 2004 burglaries of Pam’s video in Linden.

Five of the juveniles live in Linden and the other lives in Demopolis. All of the suspects involved range in ages from 15-17 and attend Linden High School. They will all be charged with burglary third degree, which is a felony and if convicted they would face anything from probation to being placed in juvenile hall.

The arresting officers were Chief of Police Jeff Laduron and Officer Dexter Watters.

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“I would like to commend Officer Watters on his endless work on this case. He worked numerous tips and as soon as we got the warrant, we knew we had the right people,” Chief Laduron said.

They were issued a search warrant late Monday evening and went to search one of the juvenile’s apartments. During the search, they recovered 75 Sony Playstation 2 games and arrested the individual.

They arrested two people in all on Monday and another three on Tuesday. During one of the arrests Tuesday, they recovered another 20 Playstation 2 games and some DVDs and CDs.

The final arrest came Wednesday morning in which they recovered more games and some more movies. Chief Laduron said this arrest was a good one because the suspect had wrapped one of the stolen controllers in a shirt and buried it in his backyard.

“He knew we were coming for him, so he decided to try and hide some of the evidence,” Chief Laduron said.

In all Chief Laduron and Officer Watters recovered $4,500 worth of merchandise including 97 Playstation 2 games, 2 PS2 controllers, 1 PS2 DVD remote, 1 Super Video cable, 3 Computer games, 15 DVDs, 1 Music CD, 2 CD cases.

The owner of Pam’s Video Pam Samples said, “I’m glad to know they were caught.”

She also said that in 15 years of business these are the only two times she has ever been broken into.

Samples said that over the past three months she has lost close to $16,000 worth of merchandise due to these burglaries.

She said that she knows two of the boys that broke into her store and once she found out who it was it broke her heart.

“If they would have come to me and asked me for the game I probably would have given it to them. That is just the kind of person I am,” Samples said.