Junior high school in Linden to get needed $50,000 roof

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, February 3, 2004

LINDEN–George P. Austin Jr. High is set to get a new $50,000 roof for their gymnasium. The Linden Board of Education approved the re-roofing project for Austin and accepted the $49,898 bid from Fancher Fabrication of Selma, Alabama.

Walter Davis informed the Board that the roof on the Linden High School Cafeteria was on hold until the new roofing for Austin was finished. Davis told the Board that the architects were receiving estimates on the renovation of the Linden High School gym. The Linden City School doesn’t have the funding for this project right now, but it is a matter to consider for the future.

Davis talked about the Comprehensive Monitoring Review that was completed on December 10, 2003. The system received a few citations and suggestions.

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The school system must submit a plan of action to the State by February 17, 2004, to address the citations and suggestions. When the State approves the plan, the system then has six months to comply with the plan.

The Board also adopted two new policies for the school year. The first policy was the Admission Policy for Homeless, Migratory and LEP students. The second policy that was approved was the Tobacco Use Prevention Policy.

The board authorized the Superintendent to enter into a contractual agreement with InTec Inc. to provide erate eligible technical support services contingent on year-to-year erate funding. This would allow the school systems to have their own local person to work on their computers if any problems should occur.

The board also approved the job descriptions for two new clerk positions. The first new position is that of a Receptionist/Accounts Payable Clerk. The second new opening is for an Administrative Secretary/Payroll Clerk.

Finally the board authorized the Superintendent to employ a full-time teacher aide with a current RN/LPN license with a recommendation from the School Nurse at the close of the posting period.

Principal of Linden High School, Timothy Thurman reported to the Board that things at the school were progressing very well. Five students had not passed the graduation exam but he believed this matter would be corrected soon.