Angelwing Gallery moves to Walnut Street

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, February 11, 2004

DEMOPOLIS–Local artist’s gallery changes locations for the comforts of the downtown Demopolis atmosphere. Karen Davidson’s art gallery has once again changed locations, but all the while the Angelwing Gallery still feels like home.

Davidson inherited the gift of artistic vision from her father who was also an artist. She remembers watching her father do drawings, paintings and other things dealing with the world of art.

“I use to watch him paint and do lots of little projects,” Davidson said.

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She really didn’t get serious with her talent until she was in high school. Davidson would do portraits and drawings of fellow students and teachers.

“I really started to become interested in being an artist when I was in high school. I use to love to paint portraits of the other kids,” she said.

After she graduated high school, she decided to further her artist abilities and attend art school. But little did she know that only after six months into school, she would leave it all behind to become engaged and start a family.

“I wasn’t counting on meeting the man of my dreams, Dennis Davidson. I traded my dreams of becoming an artist for the dreams of having a family,” Davidson said.

Davidson didn’t think she would ever have a chance to pick back up something that was so dear to her, art. Finally after 15 years of family life and being settled in one town, she got her chance to pick back up her hobby, her love for art.

“After Dennis and I settled in Demopolis, I finally had a chance to fulfill a lifelong dream of mine to open my own gallery,” she said.

She opened her first shop located on Strawberry Street about six years ago. Then she moved to a bigger building on Cedar Street only a year later. Her partner got out of the business and she decided then to change the name to the Angelwing Gallery.

“I changed the name to Angelwing Gallery because Angels have always played a big part in my life and the lives of my sons. If anyone is interested in the stories, they are listed on www.,” Davidson said.

But the Angelwing Gallery has flow to a new location in Downtown Demopolis across from the old Rosenbush building on Walnut Street. Davidson really likes the feel of the new building and she is ready to call this building home.

“This old building is really very charming. I’m very excited about the new location and I think this is a place we can finally call home and let our wings rest,” she said.

Davidson loves the town of Demopolis and throughout all the moves and changes the city has always showed support for the business. She hopes that everyone will come out to the grand opening and ribbon cutting ceremony on Friday at 10:00 a.m.

“Demopolis has been great to the business and my family. I would like to invite all of the citizens of Demopolis to the grand opening on Friday there will be refreshments and door prizes,” Davidson said.

She has done many pieces of art with pen and ink, watercolors, but none are more special to her than portraits of children and animals. Davidson said that children have always been a favorite because their faces are so expressive and they can’t hide their true emotions.

“I’m in a business that I adore. It has always been a dream of mine to own a gallery and now I have a business to pass on to my children,” Davidson said.