TRUCE: UWA board makes amends, citizens worry about university

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, February 11, 2004

All of SACS’ horses and all of SACS’ men couldn’t put the UWA Board of Trustees back together again. But the Board managed to fix its own problems and reunited to form one Board on Tuesday in a sign of unity once again.

The yearlong feud, which led to, a lawsuit over which of the two factions of the University of West Alabama Board of Trustees has control of the board is now a done deal. Both boards agreed Tuesday to reconcile their differences and drop the lawsuit and join together for the betterment of the university.

Dr. Richard Holland, president of UWA said he was very happy that the board could settle their issues and come together. He hopes that this will put an end to all the struggles and problems that the board has been facing and will be a brand new day for the university.

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“This is defiantly a step in the right direction for the university,” Holland said.

The chairman of the Board of Trustees Mann Minus agrees with Holland about this being a new day for the UWA. Minus remaining the chairman was a stipulation in the board getting back together.

“I’m glad the lawsuit is over and I hope the university can move forward,” Minus said.

Holland said the board members have been working on getting this done for a while now and all the pieces to the puzzle finally came together yesterday.

“They have been working on coming back together for some time now, but decided today to bring it all together,” Holland said.

Minus said the feelings of all the board members was to go ahead and settle our differences and come back together for the betterment of the school.

Holland feels that the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools will be pleased with this announcement. He feels that this is defiantly a move forward to getting all their ducks in a row and getting off the 12 months probation.

“We will present this to the SACS board and show them that we are taking the necessary steps towards compliance with our probationary terms,” Holland said.

Mayor of Livingston Tom Tartt was very pleased with this announcement. Tartt believes now the university can concentrate on getting everyone on the same page.

“Today is a red letter day for the University of West Alabama. The board members searched deep down in the hearts and finally decided to do the right thing for the university,” Mayor Tartt said.

Mayor Tartt thinks that it was a very courageous thing for the board members to do. He also thinks that everyone of them had only the best interests of the university in mind, but on different ends of the spectrum.

“They are very courageous for doing this today. I know they all wanted the best for the university, but just went about it in different ways,” Mayor Tartt said.