Rain causing problems here

Published 12:00 am Friday, February 13, 2004

The owner of the Ravine golf course in Demopolis Rex Bible is just one of the many local victims of flooding from the rain all last weekend and this week. The rain has been so bad and so much that it has flooded many parts of Marengo County, not just the City of Demopolis.

Bible said over the past three days, he has already received close to 6 inches of rain, which has severely hurt his business.

He said there isn’t much he can do about the course because the ground is already full so now it is just sitting.

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“You don’t want to go out to the course right now, you’re liable not to make it back,” Bible said.

He said the rain has been steadily coming for almost two weeks now and when you have that much rain and nowhere for it to go, then there’s trouble. All over the City of Demopolis many places are having some issues with all this rain.

The Demopolis lock and dam is one of them. The water level at the lock and dam as of Thursday was 82.62 feet on the upper elevation and 79.64 feet on the lower elevation. The usual level for the lower pool is around 33 feet.

The attendant at the lock and dam said that the water right now is nowhere near the level back in 1979 when there was the big flood.

The Demopolis City Landing has turned into a giant swimming pool due to all this rain. The official flood stage for Demopolis is 68 feet were as the current level of the water is close to 83 feet.

The chief meteorologist for WAKA 8 in Montgomery Chris Bailey said that we could expect to see rain on the weekend for sure. He also said that by Tuesday of next week the rain should quit and the sun will shine once again.

“You wish a drought would happen once the river gets 15 feet over the flood stage,” Bailey said.

Well the river is currently 14.62 feet over the flood stage.