Greenetrack should not have to release monthly income

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Greenetrack should not have to routinely release information each month on what money it makes or how much money it distributes to charities, said Greene County Sheriff Johnny L. Isaac, coordinator of county bingo activities.

“It’s not necessary,” he said.

Fifty-five non-profit agencies have purchased annual bingo licenses at $1,000 each, Isaac said Monday. Those agencies include the Greene County Volunteer Fire Association, the Board of Education, and various volunteer fire departments and public schools.

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The license fee money goes toward the regulation of bingo gaming activities, which Isaac oversees.

Two checks were awarded Feb. 10 from bingo proceeds, $54,710.53 for the Greene County Board of Education and $49,239.47 for the Greene County Volunteer Fire Association.

There is no information from Greenetrack on any other monies distributed other than the two checks. The facility has said it will announce future distributions through press releases.

According to law, the formula for dispensing money from bingo profits includes 40 percent for the Greene County Board of Education, 20 percent for county E-911, 20 percent for the volunteer fire department association, and 10 percent each for the sheriff’s department and the county racing commission.

The racing commission in turn will dispense money from its share to various charities in the area.

Various non-profit agencies have made agreements with the Board of Education to receive part of their earnings, the sheriff said.

Not all the money will be distributed each month, Isaac said. Some of the money might be distributed after a few months or at the end of the year.

Greene County voters approved bingo gaming on Nov. 4, and gaming began Jan. 5. Greenetrack is the only bingo parlor in the county.