Linden native Rogers travels to Saddam’s hometown

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, February 18, 2004

A local Linden resident and Linden High school teacher was deployed to Iraq last Saturday. United States Army National Guard Sgt. Broughton Rogers was sent overseas to serve with the 711 Signal Battalion of C Company.

His unit has been assigned to provide the communications for the first Infantry Division (The Big Red One). He will be stationed in Tikirit, Iraq, which is Saddam Hussein’ s hometown.

Rogers received his letter of commendation for 30 years of service about two years ago, but he loves his Army lifestyle so he decided to stay in. Rogers has served in the National Guard for 32 years, but this is his first real taste of combat.

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This is Rogers’ second time to be called up for active duty. In February 2002, he was called up and spent 10 months at Fort Bragg in North Carolina, but he was never shipped overseas.

After his stint at Fort Bragg, he switched from the Army Reserves to the Army National Guard. He joined the 711 Signal Battalion of C Company from Foley, Alabama.

His unit is currently stationed in Germany where they will spend the next few weeks working on preparing for the desert conditions of the Iraqi desert. Their next move will be to Kuwait and then they will be stationed in Tikirit, Iraq for up to 18 months.

Before being called up to active duty, Rogers was a Social Studies and Driver’s Education teacher at Linden High School. He has been teaching since 1993.

According to family members, “He was excited about going, since he missed the Vietnam War, and the Persian Gulf War.”

If anyone would like to email or write Rogers contact either Caro Osborne 334-289-2918 or for the information.