Checks written to group in Hale County

Published 12:00 am Thursday, February 19, 2004

Hale County Administrator Regina Chavers has released copies of checks paid to the county firefighters association from two-mil tax revenue.

The release of the documents were in response to a protest by volunteer firefighters Feb. 12 on the steps of the county courthouse in Greensboro.

“We’re having problems getting our money each month,” said Mile Blum, president of the Hale County Firefighters Association. “Money has backed up in the past to as much as $50,000 before it was paid.”

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According to copies of checks released by Chavers and certified by Circuit Clerk Gay Nell Tinker, a check dated Jan. 23 for $22,990.46 was paid and a check dated Feb. 9 for $4,677.58 was also paid. The latter check was hand delivered to the association by Probate Judge Leland Avery.

Evidence of other checks sent to the association includes $2,933.87 and $1,848.88 (deposited by the association Nov. 12, 2003), $14,071.46 (deposited Dec. 1, 2003), $10,487.63 (deposited Dec. 9, 2003), $8,946.91 (deposited Jan. 13, 2004) and $62, 785.49 (deposited Jan. 20, 2004).

Chavers had no other comment concerning the controversy.

Avery confirmed Wednesday that the county is now current with its payments to the firefighters.