Dear Editor:

Published 12:00 am Friday, February 20, 2004

How pitiable it is that Gary Palmer mentions “we the people” in his diatribe against homosexual marriage (“Neither war nor the economy the defining issue”), yet fails to comprehend its meaning.

The U.S. Constitution guarantees basic rights to all citizens, and unfortunately for Palmer, this includes heterosexuals AND homosexuals, people of ALL races and religious beliefs.

Like most of his ilk, he foresees children goose-stepping into the government’s schools to be brainwashed into wanting to become homosexual and ignoring the teachings of their parents. The government isn’t trying to “thrust same-sex marriage upon us,” but is seeking to bestow a right given to (and, in many cases, taken for granted by) heterosexual people. Politicians aren’t afraid of being labeled as politically incorrect; they are held by the fair and equal treatment bestowed on homosexuals by the U.S. Constitution in the 14th Amendment. Those thinking of introducing discrimination into the Constitution by amending it on the basis of religious beliefs would do well to read the 18th — and then, the 21st — Amendments.

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No one is “forcing” anything on anybody. I don’t want to marry a man, nor do I feel the need to because of government pressure. If I were to have children, they would not be “taught” to enter into a same-sex marriage by the schools or by me. They would be taught that homosexuals are different from me — just like people of different races, nations and beliefs — but they are human beings and creations of God, just like me, and as such, deserve the same respect and courtesy that I would give to anyone else.

That Palmer would place same-sex marriages on a national level of importance above the war on terrorism and the economy tells me the size of the blinders that he is wearing. He needs to pull his head out of the sand and join the rest of us — the people — in the 21st Century.

David Snow

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