City of Greensboro raises cemetery fees

Published 12:00 am Thursday, February 26, 2004

GREENSBORO — The cost of living — and dying — in this West Alabama town just got a little higher.

The Greensboro City Council voted to approve an increase in the cost of perpetual care for lots in the city-owned Oakwood Cemetery at its regular Tuesday night meeting.

The annual perpetual care fee will rise from $37.50 per lot to $87.50 per lot. The council also approved a one-time fee of $50 per lot.

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Asked what accounted for the increase, Greensboro Mayor John Owens shrugged and said, “It’s the cost of living.”

And, he might have added, of dying.

In other business, the council voted to allow absentee ballots to be counted at City Hall. Other ballots will be counted at the armory, as usual.

In response to a question from a resident in the audience, council members affirmed that they are taking a more aggressive stance toward removing abandoned cars from the city’s streets.

Councilman Johnny Davis said local ordnances require the city to give owners a 15-day notice prior to removing the cars and bringing the owner to court. He said more than 30 abandoned cars already have been taken off city streets in recent weeks.

“All abandoned cars will be moved,” Davis said.

He also said that the city will be addressing the issue of abandoned houses in the near future.