Perry County seeking delinquent fees

Published 12:00 am Thursday, February 26, 2004

Perry County took in almost $64,000 in solid waste fees for January 2004, said commission vice-chairman Albert Turner Jr.

Commissioners Turner and Tim Sanderson held a solid waste committee meeting Feb. 13 in which up to 300 residents were asked to come and address delinquent bills or why they should be exempt through Supplemental Security Income (Social Security).

“More than $39,000 was collected, almost doubling our January collection,” Turner said.

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The committee meeting on delinquent bills is held annually, Sanderson said.

Residents are asked to contact the county each October to declare why they should be exempt from paying garbage fees. Sanderson said there will be a few more residents who are expected to provide documentation based on household income. “If they signed that documentation of exemption fraudulently we are going to actively pursue action on them,” Turner said.

Approximately 461 letters were sent out to county residents concerning delinquent bills, said Brenda Cook, solid waste clerk. The amount due was $209,018.52. She was able to collect $24,927.50.

The county is writing off $65,616.60 in adjustments and exemptions.

Turner said the county might look into adding other exemptions by law, such as for veterans.

In other action the commission approved a resolution for a bill to be introduced in the legislature concerning “an environmental compliance-infrastructure fee.”

The fee is for “any privately owned or operated landfill seeking approval to operate in the county.” The funds will go into the county general fund.

At its Feb. 10 meeting the commission approved the new county solid waste plan, which includes the construction of a privately owned landfill near Uniontown.

The amount of the proposed compliance fee will be set later, Turner said