Hospital visitors, revenue increase

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, March 3, 2004

Bryan Whitfield Memorial Hospital has started to turn things around thanks to its Director Mike Marshall. During the last board meeting on Thursday, Marshall announced just how much things have improved at the hospital.

Marshall discussed what he calls the ‘report card’ for the hospital in which the hospital in the first four months of this physical year has turned a profit of over $8,000.

He said this number is outstanding considering this time last year the hospital was a negative $510,000.

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“The major reasons for this turnaround is the fact that our numbers have increased and our expenses have deceased plain and simple,” Marshall said.

The increases that he talked about are in the overall revenues for the hospital, which includes a 27 percent increase in the revenue of inpatient stays and a 19 percent increase in the revenue of outpatient visits.

He also talked about the increases in the overall number of people coming to the hospital. There was an 11 percent increase in the amount of inpatient stays, and a 32 percent increase in the amount of surgeries performed, as well as a 39 percent increase in the Oncology Department.

Marshall said he was proud of the hospital’s decrease in its infection rate in the Emergency Room. He said with the surgery being up 32 percent from last year to see a 27 percent decrease is pretty outstanding.

“Our current infection rate is under one percent,” Marshall said.

Another important stat that Marshall discussed during the meeting was the hospital’s patient review form with 84 percent marked they enjoyed their stay at the hospital. He also talked about the current state of the neogations with United Health Care.

“We are currently at an in pass with them over the amount they are willing to pay,” Marshall said.

He said the Emergency Room has a new doctor working there now, Dr. Leon Campbell.